Stone Age

Stone Age cultures represent the most primitive lands that can still claim to possess true societies. Stone Age peoples have not yet learned to work metal; weapons and tools are crafted from wood, bone, or stone, such as flint and obsidian.

Daggers, clubs, slings, and spears are the most common weapons, with the short bow representing the most advanced weaponry to be found. Stone Age peoples tan hides to create clothing and can create leather armor.

Stone Age life is dictated by the daily demands of survival. Societies usually exist as small, semi-nomadic tribes, usually able to support no more than a score of people. These tribes hunt game or gather edible plants for food, though some may possess domesticated animals or limited agricultural skills. The ability to make fire is considered invaluable.

Stone Age settlements usually take the form of natural caves or collections of hide tents. Lush lands may boast small villages built from adobe bricks. Stone Age communities trade exclusively through barter; an adventurer’s coins or gems would be valued only for their decorative worth.

The Stone Age mind is ruled by superstition; every natural event is given a mystical explanation. Stone Age peoples have not yet developed any concept of science or written language, nor have they mastered the arts of magic. Divine spellcasters are typically adepts or druids, while arcane magic is found only in the natural talents of sorcerers.

Stone Age

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